7 patarimai, kaip gauti fengšui stalą

Norėdami kuo geriau išnaudoti energiją, cirkuliuojančią jūsų darbo vietoje, atidžiai organizuokite savo biurą, laikydamiesi fengšui taisyklių. Šis interjero dizaino stilius ne tik skatina susikaupti, bet ir suteikia harmonijos, sėkmės ir sėkmės.

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Norint sėkmingai įsteigti fengšui biurą, svarbu laikytis kelių pagrindinių taisyklių. Atraskite kitų darbo srities sutvarkymo patarimų.


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Itin minkštas ir sviestinis prancūziškas brioche kepalas

Homemade Brioche Loaf recipe, French Brioche Bread Recipe, Hand kneading bread recipeToday, I made sweet and soft ‘Vanilla Brioche Loaf’! I feel so happy when the baking scent fills the whole house. Please check out the important tips for making the brioche before trying out yourself.Please ‘subscribe’ and ‘like’ my channel, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!https:///30p1t6AThank you! ;)***********Loaf pan size 22.5cm x 10.5cm x 9.5Bread Flour 500g Dry Yeast Gold 18g Salt 6g Dry Milk 20g Sugar 100g Unsalted Butter 112g Water 120g Whole Egg 100g Vanilla Extract 3g ************Important tips for Brioche1. Due to the amount of sugar, the first fermentation could take longer than other bread. It could take up to 75 minutes.2. Assume all water is lukewarm unless stated otherwise. Use warm water during the winter.3. When you knead the dough with the butter, use room temperature butter. It gets absorbed easily if you knead with your fingertip (like scratching lightly).4. Use the dry yeast ‘Gold’ for the high sugar product.5. You could use vanilla extract or rum.6. Baking time may vary for every oven.7. If your oven is too small, the top side could be too dark at the end. Cover the top with a foil sheet after 13 minutes of baking.8. Turn the pans occasionally for even color on the top.9. Once the baking is done, take out the pan and smack it on a table so the excessive moisture could escape from the bread.#brioche #브리오슈 #TradersJoe #BriocheLoaf #브리오슈식빵

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