8 patarimai, kad jūsų čiaupai spindėtų

Jūsų maišytuvas yra pilnas kalkių ir nebežinote, kaip jų atsikratyti. Peržiūrėkite visus mūsų valymo patarimus !

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Jūsų dušas turi vis mažiau slėgio, jūsų maišytuvas purškiasi? Problema yra pyragas, kuris įstrigo jūsų maišytuve. Jums nereikia keisti visos įrangos, tik giliai valyti. Ekonominiai ir ekologiniai sprendimai egzistuoja ir leis jums apriboti chemines medžiagas ar ėsdinančias medžiagas, tirpiklius ir lakiuosius organinius junginius. 1 patarimas: reguliariai valykite, kad būtų lengviau atlikti darbą !


GET YOUR CJ KEYRING HERE: https:///2JAvCcE--►SUPPORT via PATREON: https:///38ym51tINSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: https:///TToDlg MY WEBSITE: https:///KGTSWK►STAY INFORMED: https:///ByheuP ◄ NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: https:///heUKGb —————————————————————————————————▼▼My FLIGHT-KIT I highly recommend for you guys▼▼MY HEADSET: https:///2CrTrzz MY SUNGLASSES: https:///2VY6FNoMY PILOT BAG: https:///2DiWKuxCompany iPad: https:///2W1zM2n ▼▼The VIDEO EQUIPMENT I use in my studio and outdoors▼▼MY CAMERA: https:///2T1VK3gLIGHTING: https:///2szSRv4IN-FLIGHT RECORDINGS: https:///2VY7A0g—————————————————————————————————— Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a question many of you have been asking over the past few months. "Joe, which airline do you work for now?" Finally, I can make an official statement on that, we´ll talk a bit about my previous airline and I´ll give you guys some advice on how to start your airline career!I´m sure many of you know that my former employer was Germanys second largest airline, Airberlin. I must admit I had the time of my life with Airberlin, who which I flew for the past eight years. Transitioning from the Beech King Air 200 to the Airbus A320 was a huge step, but I fell in love with the A320 from day one. I used to nickname it the "Babybus" compared to it´s larger mother the Airbus A300. But most importantly Airberlin gave me the wings I needed to start my career in the airline industry. So over the course of time , I was based for one year in Stuttgart, three years in Düsseldorf, which is an awesome city, if you have a bachelor pad like I had in the city centre. And after fours years being on the waiting list for my home base Munich, I got a call on my 30th birthday by my friend Patricia, who worked at human resources, saying:"Hey Joe, a colleague of yours cancelled his transfer to Munich, your next on the list, now is the chance to get transferred otherwise you have to wait for another three to four years." Can you imagine the birthday celebration that weekend with my boys in Munich, it was legen.... wait for .... dary! Another four years of Airbus flying out of my hometown, and it just couldn´t get any better than that. 20 minutes to work by car, nicest colleagues, which many of them just came from the Boeing 737. And lots of them kept saying, "Joe if you haven´t flown a Boeing in your life, you haven´t really flown a plane so far". I kept replying, "I would love to fly the 747 one day, that´s always been my dream". And having said that, a few months later there was an announcement on our Intranet stating, "Fly the 747 for two years via a temporary employment contract". You didn´t have to ask me twice, I immediately applied. I flew up to Berlin to have the interview and got to meet three very interesting people. The chief pilot, a psychologist, and a lady who was head of recruitment. The interview lasted roughly an hour, in which they were very straight forward about their pros and cons of their airline and so was I about my strengths and weaknesses. Don´t expect that from every airline, a lot of them just shine with their advantages but never talk freely about their disadvantages. Nevertheless, after a 20-minutes discussion, the lady from recruitment called me back in and with a smile on their face congratulated me that I could start asap. I was hooked and immediately wanted to get started. Sadly a few weeks later Airberlin called me up and said, Joe we´re sorry but we´re gonna have to stop the project, as we are going to face a shortage in pilots very soon and need every pilot to stay with us. So my dream of flying the 747 got ripped away from me.But see more what happen a few years later :) Thank you very much your time, wishing you all the best, and don´t forget "A good pilot is always learning"!See you next week Your "Captain" JoeInto Song: Ehrlich - Lounge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5ImNzexO4EOutro Song: Joakim Karud u0026 Dyalla - Wish you were here https:///kJ9pefALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ARE OWNED BY FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE.COM ANY COPYING OR ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING AND PUBLISHING ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL FOLLOW LEGAL CONSEQUENCES

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