Mano virtuvės sienos nėra tiesios. Kaip sutvarkyti savo kambarį?

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Mano virtuvės sienos nėra tiesios. Kaip sutvarkyti mano kambarį ?
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Atsakymas: nuimkite sienas, jei jos nėra laikančios, arba išklokite gipso kartono plokštėmis.

Ar turite problemų įrengdami virtuvę, kur sienos nėra tiesios? Kodėl gi ne pašalinus sienas! Žinoma, jei tai yra pertvaros ar nešančiosios sienos, galite integruoti virtuvę į savo kambarį. Be to, tai madinga! Bet jei norite atskiros virtuvės, turėsite atsiimti savo sienas. Jei norite atstatyti savo sienas iki lygio, mažiausia komplikuoti sieną iškloti gipso plokštėmis, sumontuotomis ant metalinių bėgių. Tačiau būkite atsargūs, jei savo virtuvėje pasirūpinsite aukštais agregatais: neįmanoma pritvirtinti sunkių daiktų gipso kartono plokštėse. Kitas šio sprendimo privalumas yra tas, kad jis leidžia nužudyti du paukščius vienu akmeniu, apšiltinant virtuvę..

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10 Ideas How to Optimize Under the Bed Storage Ideas

More details related to How to Optimize Under the Bed Storage Ideas video:https:///2LzUD96Highlight:10. Rolling Wooden Storage BoxesThe under bed storage gives some additional space for storing not-so-frequently-used items, which leaves some more room for keeping other stuff you use or wear daily. That’s why creating under bed storage is a good choice you can try.9. Turn a Book Shelf into an Under-Bed StorageA nice room isn’t only defined by how spacious the room is, nor how wonderful the decoration is. Neat and tidy can also be the factors that give you a comfortable feeling. Here optimizing under bed storage is on point.8. Kitchen Cabinet to Platform Bed with StorageIn this platform bed idea, you give your bed a raised surface and some staircases. All the cabinets aren’t secured to the walls nor floor because the weight of the bed can hold it and won’t shake easily. It’s a pretty cool idea, isn’t it?7. Wicker Basket with LidBaskets are always there to help you sort things out related to storage. You can either purchase it at stores or you may have a better option than that. However, the basket didn’t come with a lid, to begin with. 6. Old SuitcasesThe space under your bed might not be large, but your old suitcases would fit in. You can simply push them into the space under your bed, and you’re good to go.5. Colorful Storage Bins under the BedKids typically would get attracted to something that interests them. The bedroom seems to give them pleasure with a colorful storage platform. Kids can use them to save their toys once they finish playing.4. Bed with Built-in StorageA built-in storage bed has something more to offer than just a platform to sleep. As seen in the picture, you can have some boxes or even plants below the bed. It means you can have a neat and clean room with some greenery in it. 3. Turn Cardboard into Stylish StorageThis idea is such a straightforward and affordable since the materials are some everyday objects. Cardboards are good stuff to keep objects so that they won’t scatter all over the place.2. IKEA Shelving Unit HackThis IKEA shelving unit isn’t only simple, but it’s also very useful. You can lay it down on the floor and give a piece of lumber on each side of the cabinets where the bed is going to be installed.1. Wooden Shipping PalletsUsing pallets for shoe storage under the bed is something you should consider. I bet you wouldn’t have a hard time to build one. You can simply remove unnecessary parts of the pallet. #homedecor #top10 #underthebedstorageideas-----?...?Get more interesting list video here: ? http:///featuredSimphomeMost videos you see in this list are downloaded legally from wevideo libraryI subscribe their premium service.Join wevideo: http://share./SlidehouseIt's affiliate link, I'll get small commission if you join wevideo paid program using my linkRoyalty Free Music from Bensoundwww.

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