Ką reglamentas sako apie oro kondicionavimą?

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Ką reglamente sakoma apie oro kondicionavimą ?
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Atsakymas: žingsniai dalijamo oro kondicionavimo atveju.

Jei perkate nešiojamąjį oro kondicionierių, nereikia imtis jokių specialių veiksmų. Kita vertus, kai tai pakeičia jūsų namo išorinį aspektą, reguliuojamas stacionarus padalytas oro kondicionierius. Vieno namo savininkai rotušėje turi pateikti darbo deklaraciją, kartu pateikdami įvairius dokumentus (vietovės planą, eskizą ...), kuri bus padauginta, jei namas yra šalia istorinio paminklo ar madinga svetainė. Kondominiume gyvenantys žmonės turi gauti absoliučios daugumos visuotinio susirinkimo pritarimą. Registruotu laišku, išsiųstu patikėtiniui, anksčiau bus prašyta iš anksto įtraukti temą į darbotvarkę. Galiausiai nuomininkai turi gauti savininko sutikimą. Už patikėtiniui pateiktą prašymą arba darbo deklaravimą bus atsakingas pastarasis. Kita vertus, išeidamas iš būsto nuomininkas negalės išvykti su oro kondicionieriumi. !

Vilkimas "Tesla" patarimais, patirtimi ir ko tikėtis vilkdami "Tesla"

Towing with a Tesla Tips, Experiences u0026 What to Expect when Towing with a Tesla Model X or Model S========================================Viewer Note: While I know Shorter is usually better, This is a important subject for any person wanting to tow a Trailer with a Electric Vehicle. I hoped to provide as much information as possible to help those people in their venture!Tesla Referral Link to Save ",1000 on your Tesla Purchasehttp://ts.la/christopher5460========================================Towing a Trailer does not always go according to plans. It can also be a new venture for some, and even newer doing so with a Electric Vehicle, such as a Tesla. Entering into the world of Trailer towing, With a electric vehicle, is a whole new experience. Gone are the days of your vehicle, struggling to pull a trailer up a mountain, or loss of braking power going down the other side due to over-heating brakes. Gone are the days of excessive fatigue from those long road trips towing the family camper. However, some new challenges have shown themselves, so here I am, doing my best to prepare you for whats ahead.I also hope my experiences can help future designers with the design of electric Semi's, Lorry's, Motor homes etc..Please watch the video, and then reference the below added data to compliment the information given in the video. --Rundown:1: Increased Consumption by 2-3x at Posted Speeds.2: Drafting Semi's with TACC or Autopilot set to 7 (Safety is paramount! Added weight of trailer will INCREASE stopping Distance) will yield as much as a 25% reduction in Energy Consumption.3: Dropping speed to 55mph instead of 75mph can yield as much as a 15-30% reduction in Energy Consumption4: Winter Towing (Sub 55*F or Cold enough where cabin heater is required) is not recommended for long distances due to the greatly increased energy consumption. Heat use, both for Cabin, and Battery, can be detrimental to your Range!!!===================================My Calculations yield a approximate Recommended Charge Level Chart to achieve travel between Superchargers: ===================================Model S: (Does not matter if Classic Body, or Refreshed)-P100D = 93-100%-100D = 93-100%-P90D =95-100%-90D =93-100%-P85D =98-100%-85D =95-100%-85 =100%-75D =100%-70D =100%-70 = Local Towing Only 100%-60D = Local Towing Only 100%-60 = Local Towing Only 100%-40 = Local Towing Only 100%Model X: -P100D = 93-100%-100D = 93-100%-P90D =95-100%-90D =93-100%-P85D =98-100%-85D =95-100%-75D =100%-70D =100%-60D = Local Towing Only 100%Differences between Performance and Non Performance versions are due to motor size. Even with Torque Sleep on the rear motor, the larger Drive Unit for the Performance models in Dual-Motor Cars still causes additional power consumption, and even more so if it is in operation. These are only a guideline, But do stay cautious. Please spend the extra 10 Minutes at the supercharger rather then spend a hour or longer stuck on the Freeway, or limped off the freeway juicing up on a 120v outlet to limp to the next high powered station. ►https://www./KmanAuto►https://www./KmanAuto►http://[email protected] with the Model S or Model X Tesla vehicles and soon the Model 3. I have provided guidelines to towing with your tesla vehicle, great for towing with the beginner or advanced. Use of Summon is also good for assistance in parking by forward pull only, but will not work in reverse. Autopilot use is great while towing with a tesla if available. it is said that Autopilot will not work with the Model X. But it did work FLAWLESSLY with my Model S towing our Little Guy Teardrop travel trailer cross country. Bjorn Nyland Tesla Bjorn Model X trailer towing experiences experience towing trailer in Norway. European tesla trailer towing experience is different and model s is not legally allowed to tow. Bjorn Nyland of Tesla Bjorn tows a trailer with his P90D Model X often for Nimber

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