Kokia sienų spalva su baltu ir šokoladiniu užtiesalu?

Nuo taupe iki sienų

Kokios spalvos ant sienų su balta ir šokoladine sofa ?
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Kurmis būtų labai gražus ir nekontrastuotų su jūsų sofos balta spalva. Tačiau nebūtina, kad visos sienos būtų vienodos spalvos, sieną už sofos galite nudažyti taupe, o kitus du atspalvius - šviesesnius. Tai suteiks jūsų kambariui gylio ir niuansų jūsų sienoms. Dekoratyvinės idėjos, nuotraukos ir patarimai aplink sofą: kaip pasirinkti sofą, klaidų, kurių reikia išvengti, ir pagalvėlių pasirinkimą. Jūs taip pat atsiųskite mums savo dekoravimo klausimą

10 DIY Bedroom Decorating with Charcoal Gray

More details related to DIY Bedroom Decorating with Charcoal Gray video:Detail: http:///37iQajEHighlight:10. Go BoldCreating a charcoal gray bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to paint the whole room gray though, especially if you are new to this color scheme. It has to be applied sparingly. 9. Make a Focal PointA charcoal gray accent wall might be somewhat sedate. It can simply draw the eyes, but may not be that awesome. It still needs something that can complement and accentuate its look.8. Use StencilStencil is extremely versatile and easy to apply. You can apply it on almost any media, including your accent wall.7. Add Feminine TouchIf you coat the entire walls in your bedroom with gray, you might find it look masculine, which feels too bold and serious. To alleviate this look, the key is the colors you choose to team up with gray.6. Play with Charcoal Gray BeddingBedding is indispensable thing in your bedroom. Choosing the appropriate bedding can be somewhat challenging as it can add a nuance to the space.5. Charcoal Gray Window DressingDon't forget to tap the windows in your bedroom with the touch of charcoal gray. Swap blinds and shutters, or even padded valances and ruffled swags for draperies that naturally flow to the floor.4. Add Plenty of WhiteCharcoal gray is considered to be one of neutral colors. That's why you can pair it with any color you like to create a certain ambiance and boost your mood. 3. Charcoal Gray CarpetIt is said that you have to choose a color that is lighter than most of the pieces in the bedroom when it comes to carpeting. By doing this, you can make your bedroom feel open.2. DIY Tufted HeadboardAlthough the headboard is dispensable, adding one in your bedroom can give it a facelift instantly. But finding the best headboard that suits your style well is a daunting task.1. Retro Style with Charcoal GrayCharcoal gray can also be a great canvas for your retro-style bedroom. Pair the charcoal gray wall with bold chevron pattern for the headboard, then add some splash of pink to add pops of colors.#top10 #homedecor #bedroomdecorideas-----?...?Get more interesting list video here: ? http:///featuredSimphomeMost videos you see in this list are downloaded legally from wevideo libraryI subscribe their premium service.Join wevideo: http://share./SlidehouseIt's affiliate link, I'll get small commission if you join wevideo paid program using my linkRoyalty Free Music from Bensoundwww.

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