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„Video deco“: pritaikykite stalo bėgiką
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Paprasta ir nebrangi fototransliavimo technika leis jums padaryti savo modelius. Norėdami tai padaryti, tiesiog nukopijuokite pasirinktą piešinį ar nuotrauką "fototransferio" lape. Tada tereikia jį išlyginti ant audinio. [] Lygis: lengva Baigimo laikas: 1 val Orientacinė kaina: 29,90 euro Būtina medžiaga: -1 fototransferas = 15 eurų -1 lino stalo bėgikas = 14,90 euro Veiksmai: - Į kopijavimo mašiną įdėkite lapą su atvaizduojamu piešiniu. - Įdėkite specialų perdavimo lapą į dėklą teisinga kryptimi ir išsiųskite spaudinį. - Tęskite taip pat, kaip ir kitus 3 lapus. - Iškirpkite 4 modelius. - Nulupkite raštus. - Ir padėkite juos ant stalo bėgiko. - Patikrinkite ant stalo bėgelio esančių raštų derinimą. - Naudokite apsauginį užvalkalą ir lygintuvą, kad ant karščio užsandarintumėte stalo bėgelio raštus. Labiausiai dekoratyvus: Žaisk su raštų spalva. Taigi atspausdinkite tą patį modelį, bet pakeiskite tik jo viduje esančią spalvą. Kūrybos deko: Veronique Rambaldi

10 DIY Crafting and Storage Ideas Using Skateboards

More details related to DIY Crafting and Storage Ideas Using Skateboards video:http:///2noRqkgHighlight:10. Patio Grill TableEnjoying a barbeque party with your besties doesn’t have to be in a spacious backyard. Even if you are an apartment dweller that has to get by with limited space, you can still indulge yourself over the scrumptious grilled meat while chewing the fat. 9. Skateboard Floating ShelvesOne of the biggest problems faced by small space is the clutter. Although you have tried to declutter your room over and over again, the clutter still occurs.8. Skateboard Shelf with RopeThis is another brilliant idea of getting rid of clutter while maintaining the chic look. Instead of screwing the skateboard shelf to the wall, you can just suspend using ropes.7. Funky Drawer PullIt turns out that the wheels of a skateboard can be upcycled, too. Therefore, if you are gonna turn a skateboard into a shelf, make sure you don’t throw the wheels away as they can be functioned as a funky pull of your drawers or dresser.6. Skateboard SwingKids tend to be energetic and exuberant. Therefore, they need something that packs a lot of fun and helps them blow of steam.5. Side TableYou might think that an unused skateboard can only be turned into a floating shelf. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.4. Skateboard ChairNeed more seating for more guests? Some compact chairs would be awesome. However, they can be pricey as well. Why don’t you just make the chairs yourself?3. Skateboard Wall ArtAn old skateboard can be transformed into a masterpiece. If you are an artist, this idea is for you.2. Toilet Paper HoldersHow many times you have been trapped in an awkward situation when you are doing your business in the bathroom, and then you just realized that you’ve run out of toilet paper? 1. Movable CubbyMany homeowners use a cubby as a wall-mounted shelf. But you can be more creative by using it as a side table that incorporate additional storage space.#top10 #homedecor #storageideas-----?...?Get more interesting list video here: ? http:///featuredSimphomeMost videos you see in this list are downloaded legally from wevideo libraryI subscribe their premium service.Join wevideo: http://share./SlidehouseIt's affiliate link, I'll get small commission if you join wevideo paid program using my linkRoyalty Free Music from Bensoundwww.

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